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Compose music in minutes


Use a random seed to generate a chord progression and drum loop

Add Loops

Add melodies, basslines, arpeggios and pads at the touch of a button


Edit loops with sliders and switches to get the sound you like


Choose any note in a major or minor key


Compose a full track using your loops


Save it as an .ogg file to your Music folder


It's really that easy


Music Production

Anyone can make music with Seed Loops

Even a beginner without any knowledge of music theory will be able to produce a nice sounding track. You choose a random seed for Seed:Loops to generate a chord progression and drum loop. No complicated DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) to learn.

The intuitive user interface enables you quickly build up a tune by adding loops based on additional random seeds for the melody and rhythm. You have control of the key, tempo, instruments and settings such as velocity and reverb, how the notes are selected and where they fit in bars, and ultimately how the final track is arranged.


Random, yet predictable

Seeds are used by psuedorandom number generators to produce the same results each time you use them. The same concept is used in games such as Minecraft to generate the same random world given a number.

Seed:Loops uses random numbers to generate everything from rhythms and melodies to the instruments and settings.

If you share a seed with a friend they will get the same starting track as you, but from there it's up to you to tweak it to your taste.



The building blocks of your track

Loops are four bar segments of music that repeat. They are layered together to build your track. Seed:Loops automatically ensures they sound good together.

Every time you add a loop it is added to the arrangement for your final track, randomly selecting some other existing loops to play alongside it, but not too many so that it sounds too busy.

The colours and order in both the "Loops" and "Arrange" screens correlate with each other allowing you to visually arrange the track into its final form.

Saving your track

Keep it forever

Your track can be saved as an Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) file to the Music folder on your device. It is yours to keep and use in your own projects as you please.

Seed:Loops remembers the last seed you generated and gives you a chance to reload your previous session complete with its settings.

Note : Saving .ogg files is video ad supported and will be locked if you do not consent to ads. However, unlike thousands of other apps Seed:Loops does not bombard you with ads everytime you try to use a feature.


Royalty Free

Use your music however you please

  • Commercial Use
  • Youtube Videos
  • Streaming
  • TikTok
  • Podcasts
  • Jingles

There are no limitations on how you use the tracks you generate. You compose the music, therefore you own the music. As with any art, providing you don't randomly generate something that already exists you won't get a copyright strike.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes, this is a free app! All app features are available to all users. The only exception is that the save feature will be disabled if you do not consent to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) screen in order for ads to display.

Does it contain ads?

Yes, this is an ad supported app. Don't worry, it doesn't spam you with ads every few seconds. The only ad is a video reward ad if you want to save your track. This feature ensures the developer is supported.

Why does it ask for my date of birth?

This is a COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) requirement which the app must show to be compliant with Googles Play's policies. It is approximate and not transmitted off your device.

How can I use my tracks?

You're free to use them how you please. Songs, jingles, background music in videos, game music, ring tones etc. It's up to you!


Available for Android

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